Justice: Blind, Deaf and Dumb

“extreme graphic warning”

Sometimes I get a bit bored, Facebook isn’t cutting it, I don’t want to do housework. When this happens I generally go straight to my go to source for entertainment, reading sentencing remarks of my local courts.

Many people say that justice is rarely served in court and I generally disagree with that sentiment. I’ve read through so many of the court sentencing remarks by judges and to their credit many of the sentences imposed or suspended are more or less fair. But is wasn’t earlier this month, nothing that happened inside that court was justice.

In 2010 during the school holiday a then 13 year old boy (who cannot) be named was staying in the care of his Uncle J A (as listed in the court remarks) who also unfortunately but understandably also cannot be named.

During this time when they were alone in JA’s bedroom he asked his nephew to remove his shoes, so he could ‘lick his feet’ before asking his nephew to join him in the bed. It only gets worse from here guys so I’m going to be nice and give you a second warning.

After forcing his nephew to participate in what could almost be described as mutual unwanted masturbation the boy decided to take a shower, this was his attempt to get away from JA and think of a way to remove himself from the abuse.

On the boy’s departure from the bedroom he was stopped, told to kneel down and forced to preform felatio on his Uncle before being forced facedown on his Uncles bed and sodomized.

I actually had to take a break while reading this transcript, I have a strong stomach and it takes a lot to get to a point where I have look away.

After the rape JA told his nephew multiple times he could never tell anyone what happened and that the secret must die with the two of them, if anyone finds out they ‘Both’ would get into trouble.

What is wrong with the world guys. That was his own nephew, his sister’s son. I am an uncle I have around 10 nieces and nephews myself. I maybe don’t see most of them as often as I should but I know if anyone even looked at any of them sideways I would do everything in my power to protect them like they were my own children.

Moving forward to the next breach of trust.

I need to take a minute and quote the judges own words here;

“The sexual abuse of any child is regarded very seriously by the community, and rightly so, and this is reflected by the court which generally imposes sentences aimed at punishing child sex offenders and deterring others in an endeavour to protect children from being sexually abused.”

Ok everyone remember this paragraph and think about what that should mean in a modern society.

This boy carried around this attack for 5 years, it took 5 years for him to confide in his mother about the attack. His mother then contacted her brother and asked him what he had done and why he had done it. JA admitted to his victims mother, his sister, he raped her son and couldn’t explain why he had chosen to rape her son. JA’s family cut him off at this point.

JA was assessed by three psychologists to determine if he was fit to stand trial. Based on the opinions of the three psychologists JA had planned to pursue the notion he was mentally unfit to stand trial. Yes! You are mentally unfit, you raped you nephew no one is disagreeing that you can be sane and an incestuous rapist. They also found he had an intellect matching that of the lowest percentile of our population. No shit! you raped your nephew, we know you’re not building fucking rockets for NASA. So on top of all this the psychologists also believe he may be suffering from schizoaffective disorder or possibly even schizophrenia.

Now, I’m gonna take you on a side note here guys. I strongly believe in this country if you commit a heinous crime like rape while you are of sound mind you are a danger to our society. But you know what is more dangerous then a sane person raping people? A man who is intellectually retarded (used in its proper meaning) ,dumb as shit and psychotic raping people. There’s a fucking winning combo there!

Thankfully for the victim and his family JA decided to drop the investigation regarding his mental ability to stand trial and just get it over with and pleaded guilty. Now this is where our justice system truly fails us.

JA pleaded guilty to a crime he committed so the judge gave him a 30% discount on his sentence. yes that’s right! In this country if you just plead guilty you get a percentage reduced from what ever sentence the judge orders.

now officially JA has been charged with one count of aggravated indecent assault, one count of gross indecency and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.

The judge, at his discretion decided to apply only one sentence for the four crimes committed minus 30% off course.

This child rapist was sentence to 3 years and four months. Yep that’s right. 3 years, 4 months. That sentence in itself is a absolute joke, what happens next will leave you speechless.

first, the judge affixes a non-parole period of 10 months. let that sink in. 10 months.

lastly, just writing this makes me sick.

JA’s sentence was suspended as long as he enter a $1000 bond agreement and a good behaviour bond of 24 months.

JA raped his nephew, made the child keep the secret for 5 years and then, he got to go home and carry on with his day.

Remember half a novel ago when I told you to remember that paragraph from the judge. here it is again;

“The sexual abuse of any child is regarded very seriously by the community, and rightly so, and this is reflected by the court which generally imposes sentences aimed at punishing child sex offenders and deterring others in an endeavour to protect children from being sexually abused.”

If you commit rape but a judge doesn’t think you will do it again, you get to go home. What the fuck, how did this happen? There are actual men and women in prison right now for driving offences and a incestuous paedophile rapist has his sentence wiped off because he hasn’t raped anyone since raping that one person !?!

This didn’t happen in some backwards third world country, this happened right here, in Adelaide on the 22nd of February at 2:19pm and was adjourned at 2:35pm. It took 16 minutes to release a man who raped his own nephew and confessed.

Oh! also some good news on this case I almost forgot to mention. At sometime after the rape JA was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I suppose in a way its a small dose of Karma (in the westernized sense of the word anyway.)

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