Paging Dr Rapist

In 2011, Dr Mohammad Raman was convicted of sexually abusing 17 women some as young as 14 while working as a GP at the Dapto Medical Centre, NSW. The reason I am bringing up a case from 2011? Because sexual abuse by medical professionals is for one a horrible breach of the innate trust we place in them and guys, this had happened more times then you would think. Secondly when this case was tried it received little to no media coverage. This man only appears two places on the internet , Sentencing remarks of the NSW courts and the HCCC.


Dr Mohammad Raman convicted of sexually abusing 17 female patients over a period of 6 months. His first victim on was only 17 years old. Dr Rahman coerced the 17 year old into her first breast exam under the pretext he was ‘checking her iron levels‘ he instructed her to return in 2 weeks for another breast exam.

How did he even think that was a fucking plausible excuse? There is literally no link or theory that exists in modern medicine to insinuate breast examinations can be an indicator or you iron levels.

Mohammad Raman’s next victim was 18 years old, Raman placed his both his hand on her breasts and squeezed them while asking questions about her sexual status, her single friends and her boyfriend.

What’s worse, he justified his behaviour by telling this poor girl he could feel a lump in her breast and that he will have to ‘warm up her breasts’ to get a better feel and proceeded to massage her breasts. Another doctor examined the girl shortly after and confirmed there was no presence of any lumps in her breasts. This again was carried out for Raman’s own sexual gratification.

His fifth victim sustained injury during exercise. Raman examined her stomach and then again like his other victims went for the breast examination. This time the examination lasted over 2 minutes and most of this time was spend cupping her breasts and rubbing her nipples.

The fuck! He sat in front of this girl and actively rubbed her nipple for 2 minutes, she didn’t sprain her fucking nipple, that’s not a thing! luckily this complaint resulted in 2 charges both carrying a 2 year prison term (thought since they occurred at the same time, he was allowed to serve concurrently).

Earl Bradley – serving multiple life sentences for abusing children while a paediatrician

Victim eight came to Raman with complaints of swollen ankles and to ask for a referral to a female phycologist. Raman pulled her skirt up and ran his hand up and down her legs, checked her stomach in the same manner and then, you guessed it put his hands inside her bra and ‘examined’ her breasts.

This asshole just kept getting progressively more ridiculous with his reasoning for breast examinations. Without being a medical professional I would feel more then comfortable to state swollen ankles are not caused by abnormalities in the breasts. Shit! If I’m wrong and there’s someone who knows different please tell me.

His worst charge was Victim 10 who was only 14 years old at the time. The victim and her mother attended Raman’s clinic with complaint of a pain in her hip and a clicking sound. Raman began by asking the 14 year old if she was ‘sexually active‘ before asking her to lie down on the bed. He stood between the victim and her mother and asked the girl to pull up her skirt. Raman spend the next 15 – 20 minutes examining her hips , pelvis, thighs then spend another 5 minutes applying pressure to the vulva / vaginal areas above her underware. Raman then asked her to remove her bra and then spent around 10 minutes rubbing and squeezing the 14 year old girls breasts before again like his previous victims telling the young girl he could feel a lump in her breast

You know, preforming unnecessary physical examinations of young girls for your own pleasure is a shitty thing to do, you know what’s worse? Assaulting a 14 year old girl and then basically telling her she has breast cancer to lure her back for a follow-up touch-up.

We place so much trust in Doctors that we are blind to this type of behaviour. These are 4 examples our of 17 victims during a 6 month period in 2010. I have no doubt in my mind there were more then 17 victims during his 10 years practicing in Australia.

Mohammad Raman was sentenced to 9 years and non-parole of 6 years. He done quite well for himself considering he was charged with 22 counts of indecent assault and 1 count of aggravated indecent assault.

Dr Nikita Levy, photographed 1000’s of women during examinations.

Each count was sentenced at approximately 2 years 3 months but because of the way our justice system works in Australia and many developed nations. Instead of spending the 49 odd years locked away where the only breasts he can examine belong to his cellmate Bubba, many of his charges were served concurrently rather then consecutively.

Raman’s medical licence was suspended for only a minimum of 8 years by the HCCC. Meaning once released from prison he ‘could’ possibly re-apply for his medical license and begin work as a GP again.

This case is one of many severe breaches of trust by medical professionals

  • Dr. Nikita Levy, secretly photographed thousands of women during pelvic exams, later committing suicide when caught.
  • Earl Bradley – over 15 years as a paediatrician who drugged his child patients with lollypops before sexually assaulting them and filming the encounters – serving 14 life sentences.
  • Jeffrey J Abrams – Convicted of sexually assaulting over 1300 women while they lay unconscious and photographing the victims

Some clarification – This article is not meant to show all doctors are evil sex crazed perverts. Many if not 99% of doctors are great people who genuinely want to help. But like many positions of power there will always be 1% who abuses it whether it be a Teacher, Employer, Priest, Rabbi, President of the USA or Barnaby Joyce. 1% will always taint the water for all the people who do right.

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