Being a female driver is now an official disability.

Being a female driver in Australia is now on par with being disabled, at least according to the city of Perth.

The Perth city council trial of bright pink female only carparks were implemented for a period of three months and were designed to keep women drivers safer in large carparks, but is gender segregation the answer?

The special privilege carparks are located very close to entryways and exits from the carpark where you may normally find disabled and pram car parking. Although the council had said male dr00215ivers who use these parks will not be fined, they strongly advise against it.

Women have complained previously that tradies who woke up early took all the best carparks and they[women] were sometimes forced to park on the 5th floor or higher! The carpark in question was monitored by security but was argued they did not patrol the carpark regularly or thoroughly enough to give female motorists the feeling of a safe space. One woman also told of how she

once witnessed teenagers playing with skateboards on one of the floors while she was walking to her car.

This trial by the Perth city council was met with many heated comments by both genders and surprisingly the general consensus was that all genders felt this was discrimination. The issue is that of general security and safety in our communities, the issue is not women are victims that needs special bright pink car parks to feel safe. Everyone has a right to safety in Australia.

This trial by the Perth city council shows that it ok in our society to assume men aren’t targets of public violence and don’t need to feel safe in public. Not all men are 7 foot tall MMA fighters who eat rusty nails for breakfast. Why is it even a thought that crosses the councils collective heads that women should be given special privilege in carparks at the cost of forcing a single gender to bear the dangerous of themselves becoming victims.


This isn’t equality, its anti-equality, this is an over exertion of an apologist society. Women do not need their own personal bright pink ‘safe’ car spaces.

What do you guys think? Should this trial have been more widespread? Should it be made available to all car parks across Australia?


3 thoughts on “Being a female driver is now an official disability.

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  1. It feels more to me like this was done not for women safety but for women not to be able to have to deal with men drivers. Idk just sounds weird all together and why pink? 😂😂


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