Mother films 11 year old son smoking marijuana.

A mother was sentenced earlier this month in Port Augusta, South Australia. The defendant was charged with two counts of suppling a controlled substance to a minor which can carry the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The offences, committed early 2017 found the woman supplying cannabis to the 11 year old son and filming the child smoking the substance through a bong. The videos were stolen from the defendant and uploaded to Facebook where upon subsequently reported to and investigated by Police.


The video shows the child being handed the bong and starts with the mother saying “All right, here we go. Recording [child] having his first bond” before encouraging him saying “Go for it son” The child then lights the bong and puts his mouth over the top, all the while being given instructions by his mother and her male partner off camera instructing him to put his finger over the hole and inhale.

The victim coughs violently and tried handing the bond back to his mother but was told laughing “Nah, smoke it all. You wanted a cone, you got to smoke the whole lot.”

The second video uploaded to Facebook by the third party showed the mothers face briefly before turning the camera back to the victim getting ready to smoke the remaining resin from the used cone piece. The mother then turned the camera back to herself and proclaimed “My son is a stoner” She then filmed her son smoking the resin out of the bond.

Lastly the defendant turned the camera back to herself and her partner laughing and said “That’s my boy”

The police attended the property after the video was uploaded and found various equipment for smoking cannabis in the house and a bond under the 11 year old boys bed. The child was according to the investigating officers ‘very distressed’ and was verbally abusive towards them [the police].

The mother claimed the reasoning for allowing her child to smoke marijuana and filmed it was that she had received information that her child was smoking cannabis and that is was a misguided attempt to put him off smoking it further. The defendant provided him with his own bong. After this deterrent didn’t work the mother told her 11 year old son if he still wanted to smoke [cannabis] to smoke it at home.

The Defendant also submitted a letter to the judge claiming she was unaware of the dangers of cannabis and she possessed no knowledge of its side effects. Even though the defendant begun smoking the drug herself at 11 years old. The judge stated he found this claim hard to believe. She claimed in her letter she thought cannabis was “a harmless, natural and safe alternative to prescription medication”. 151203-toddler-smoking-pot-mn-1740_aa140d7cdd2282a042fd159d59edff0f.nbcnews-fp-320-280

The defendant was sentenced to two years with a non-parole period of 9 months. Originally set at 3 years but since a guilty plea was entered the judge reduced the sentence 30% and was denied home detention.

What is wrong with this world? A mother’s role is the exact opposite of what was filmed that day. What kind of person not only mothers, what kind of human being supplies an 11 year old child with marijuana? We need a license to breed dogs but anyone is entitled to create human life.  I still can’t understand why the hell her partner was not charged with the same offence, this disgusting excuse for a man was complacent in the abuse that took place that day. He was there with this pathetic excuse for a mother laughing and encouraging this boy. Instead He will be the individual providing full time care to the woman’s two children while she is incarcerated.

I’m ultimately glad she was sentenced to some gaol time, however is 9 months in prison really a sentence that reflects the gravity of what she had done to this child?

Let me know what you think in the comments.





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