Online Harassment: not a female only issue

Online harassment is nothing new when it comes to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but are we creating a new culture where is it acceptable for everyone to be a victim?

A recent opinion piece written by Bianca Fileborn suggested high profile women, ‘people of colour’ and anyone from the LGBTQ community were disproportionately harassed on social media with white men or cis-gendered men being the main perpetrators of this harassment.


I would like to break down these claims because I believe the evidence states the exact opposite of her claims.

Evidence shows white males are more likely to experience instances of harassment. Men using social media are more likely to be called offensive names, purposefully embarrassed, physically threatened and harassed for sustained periods.

The piece of evidence generally cherry picked by leftist feminists however show women are indeed more likely to experience sexual harassment and be stalked. Women are 3% more likely to be stalked and 3% more likely to be sexually harassed. I’m not a professional statistician but that doesn’t sound like that women are specifically being targeted.


Without showing the numbers Bianca Fileborn’s article would have many believing every woman is harassed constantly while online, thankfully this is not the case.

As stated above women are only 3% more likely to receive negative sexual comments online; for every 100 males who were sexually harassed online 103 women received the same treatment that sounds like equality. 

Given there are more women who actively engage social media on a regular basis would be fair then to state men are dis-proportionally targeted for online harassment based on their user base compared with women?

Why then do we all have evidence is this assumption women are the victims of misogynistic fear driven cis gendered while males? The answer is very simple, women complain about it louder and more often then men.


A study conducted by the non-partisan fact tank, ‘pew research centre’, concludes women are twice as likely to be upset by online harassment. Women are over 100% more likely then men to become distressed or upset during a perceived negative online interaction.

The issue now is not the fact that online harassment exists, the real issue is women are not being taught how to cope with it.

To conclude, based on these two studies we can ultimately discern two things; women are harassed less then men while using social media and women tend to become more upset by negative online interactions.

Should we change the way we interact with women on social media? No. These are my final thoughts. Social media own over 65% of the harassment, it is also not compulsory.

There are some truly groundbreaking tools you can use to mitigate negative experiences on social media.


  • Make a private profile
  • Avoid commenting on anything (especially if your view is in a minority.)
  • Don’t post photos of yourself
  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know. 
  • Don’t add people as friends you don’t know
  • If someone is not nice to you don’t talk to that person

Pretty sure I just fixed all harassment on the internet, also here is the link to the article that started my ranting.

Bianca Fileborn’s full article.


Mike ‘Coyote’ Fowler




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  1. Well said. It’s good to finally start seeing someone who can lay out a balanced argument. It’s fine to have an opinion, but it has to be balanced and scientifically or factually sound. I’ve followed these for a while. Keep me coming


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